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Peer-to-peer lending in DeFI is well established, and will soon hit the critical mass necessary to become mainstream in the crypto-community. Given the usage statistics, if digital assets and crypto currency users represent a fraction of the potential user base, then DeFI users represent a similar percentage of plain cryptocurrency users. We are thinking ahead to the next step: asset-backed lending and institutional Treasury management. Treasury management systems (TMS) are installed at large corporations and financial institutions that have to manage their balance sheets. See, banks like to borrower short-safe and lend long-risky. They do this in order to maximize the difference between their costs of capital and the retail income they earn as interest on the loans they make. This is why they pay nothing for savings accounts, but charge you 8% on personal loans. The banks or large corporation's funding challenge is matching the borrowing with the lending so that they do not end up borrowing longer than they have to or lending longer than their own debt obligations. The TMS allows treasurers to turn knobs and flick switches to optimize this match funding. eRSDL and the unFederalReserve platform will become an option on their TMS, and now B2B lending/borrowing becomes an option for them. The DeFI community will make its own rules over a number of aspects of this platform, but at it's core the rates and terms memorialized in actual transactions will be set by experienced market participants.


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